Magic of Yoga

Sharon Gannon wrote:


Yoga practices help us to achieve spiritual understanding and help us integrate that understanding into our daily lives. Sometimes people confuse yoga practice with various new age methods of integrating body and  mind in pursuit of ''health'' . Although these methods can improve health, the body and mind only represent a portion of the five bodies - physical, vital, emotional, intellectual and bliss- that yoga practices integrate


No one can do yoga. Yoga means union with god. Yoga means eternal happiness, bliss, joy and unconditional love. Yoga is who you are, it is our natural state. What we can do are practices that by revealing to us our resistance to existing within our natural state, may lead us to it. The intention underlying all our practices must be clear, the motivation underlying the yoga practices must be Yoga, union with the divine self. For any practice to be a yoga practice, one must consciously and continuously cultivate a desire for self realization. When we experience yoga, we experience freedom from suffering and pain , here and now. Freedom that does not end.